Chris - US Marines – Barber Motorsports Park

Chris - US Marines – Barber Motorsports Park

I wanted to share the incredible impact that Vet2Track, in partnership with Nolan Lamkin Racing, has had on the lives of veterans like myself.

Vet2Track has been a game-changer in helping me prioritize my own goals and focus on the small steps needed to achieve the big picture. The program has provided me with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. By breaking down my objectives into manageable tasks, I've been able to make steady progress towards my goals.

The experience with Nolan Lamkin Racing has been truly outstanding. Seeing the team rally around Nolan, while including the veterans in the whole process has been an amazing experience. The support and camaraderie from everyone involved, both on and off the track, have been invaluable. It's a testament to the power of teamwork and the dedication of Vet2Track and Nolan Lamkin Racing to make a positive impact on the lives of veterans.

Being part of this program has not only allowed me to pursue my passion for motorcycles but has given me a newfound respect and love for motorcycle road racing, this experience has given me a sense of belonging within a community that understands and appreciates the sacrifices veterans have made. The support and encouragement from Vet2Track and Nolan Lamkin Racing have played a significant role in my personal growth and development.

I am incredibly grateful to Vet2Track and Nolan Lamkin Racing for this transformative experience. Their support has helped me regain focus, set meaningful goals, and achieve them one step at a time. My hope is that this partnership can continue so they may continue their important work, empowering and inspiring veterans like myself.

With heartfelt appreciation,


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